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Updated 13/05/2024

FineArt smooth paper

A selection of my prints are available in different formats for purchase. They are printed without margins, but if you wish to include margins, please inform me before the production process begins. Framing is not a service I offer.

Format for unlimited/open editions:

  • 22,5x15cm

  • 30x20cm

  • The Snap-snaps series: max. 15x15cm/13x17cm

Formats for limited/closed editions:

  • 30x20cm

  • 45x30cm

  • 60x40cm

  • 75x50cm

  • 90x60cm

  • 120x80cm

The images are pigment prints on Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth Hahnemühle 305g: Smooth, natural white matte, very silky to the touch.
The reason behind selecting this specific paper for my prints: Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth is a premium cotton art paper designed for high-quality FineArt inkjet printing. Its remarkably smooth surface, combined with a matt premium inkjet coating, ensures outstanding print results with vibrant colours, fine details, and deep blacks. Versatile and acid-free, this paper is perfect for both FineArt photography and art reproductions, meeting the highest standards for age resistance (ISO 9706 conform/museum quality). Made in Germany.

More about it: https://www.hahnemuehle.com/en/digital-fineart/fineart-media/matt-fineart-smooth/p/Product/show/8/7.html

The lab' in Paris

Renowned among photographers, galleries, and museums, PICTO lab is dedicated to creating prints and finishes in France, employing professionally calibrated imagers and printers to ensure outstanding quality.

PICTO lab has earned the prestigious Hahnemühle Certified Studio Platinum certification, establishing itself as the inaugural French lab to receive this honour.

PICTO holds the "Living Heritage Company" label and actively contributes to the perpetuation of traditional photography techniques.

More about who they are: https://www.picto.fr/who-are-we/?lang=en

Open and closed editions

The prints are available as open or closed editions.

Editions are classified as either 'limited' or 'unlimited' (also referred to as 'closed' or 'open'), based on whether the artist has set a specific number of copies ('limited'), which remains fixed, or if there are no restrictions on the number of copies ('unlimited'), allowing for additional prints to be made as desired. As there is no limit to the number of prints in an open edition, they are not numbered.

The number of prints in the closed editions varies depending on the artwork and size. Smaller sizes are typically limited to 30 copies. Larger sizes are produced in smaller quantities, such as 10, 5, or 3, and even 1 for an exceptionally rare edition.

Photo : Hahnemühle FineArt GmbH

The packaging

How the pictures are packed and protected.

Container: print formats up to 22.5x15cm are shipped in a cardboard sleeve, while larger formats are shipped in a cardboard tube.


  • Silk paper is used for wrapping and providing temporary protection to the photographs. Its features include being acid-free, made from 100% bleached chemical pulp, with no alkaline reserve, pH 7. It meets the P.A.T. standards as per promuseum.eu.

  • Permanent paper with physical and chemical characteristics adapted to the standards for the conservation of graphic and photographic documents (NF Z40 014, ISO18916, ISO9706) from promuseum.eu

  • Acid-free labels for the back of the prints

  • and bullewrap ensuring protection against any bumps along the way!

Secure ARTcertificate by ARTtrust

For every genuine piece of art, ARTtrust provides an unforgeable certificate of authenticity. To achieve this, ARTtrust employs one of the most dependable security technologies: the Bubble Tag™. Each Bubble Tag™ is distinct and inherently resistant to replication, serving as a unique identifier for the safeguarded item.

Constructed from a transparent polymer, the Bubble Tag™ generates bubbles in entirely unpredictable patterns. These bubbles manifest with positions, sizes, and shapes that defy control. Consequently, every configuration of bubbles is not only unique but also impervious to reproduction, even by its original manufacturer. More about it: https://www.arttrustonline.com/artcertificate/secure/

Limited edition prints come with a Certificate of Authenticity provided by Sandra Pfeiffer Photography via Picto lab/ARTtrust technology. The Bubble Tag™ is included in the price as indicated in the store.

Shipping time & costs

Orders are fully controlled and dispatched by me. For deliveries within mainland France, please allow 10 working days from the day after the order is placed until you receive your freshly printed print. This extends to up to 30 working days for other destinations. Smaller prints consistently have a shorter production duration compared to larger formats, regardless of the delivery destination.

Shipping costs for prints sized 60x40cm and above are covered by the artist.

Shipping policies and rates for orders of prints up to 45x30cm are listed HERE.

Payments & security

Payment for purchases is made either by credit card or on the secure banking server of banking partner Stripe.

The customer can enter credit or debit card information, or check out with Apple Pay or Google Wallet, to complete the purchase at misspfeiffer.com / Sandra Pfeiffer Photography.

Most bankcards are accepted: Visa (credit and debit cards), MasterCard (credit and debit cards), American Express.


Guarantee Fine Art prints

Sandra Pfeiffer Photography stands behind the quality of the Fine Art prints, which are produced using archival-quality materials to ensure longevity and preservation of the artwork.

All the products of PICTO, the Professionnal photolab used for your prints, are guaranteed for 5 years under normal exposure conditions.

The permanence of the processes are achieved with 450 lx, 12H/day, 20°C, 50% humidity.

Returns & Refunds policy

The deadline for cancelling an order is 14 days within France and 30 days for Europe and the rest of the world, starting from the date you received the goods or when a third party you have appointed, who is not the carrier, takes possession of the delivered product.

Please inform us of your decision. You can access an online form and all information regarding our return & refund policies HERE.

The care corner

Fine art photography holds significant value due to the skill involved in its creation. The durability and lifespan of a photographic print rely heavily on storage conditions and the surrounding environment. Factors such as exposure to high temperatures, UV radiation, moisture, and airborne pollutants can all impact its preservation.

For your Sandra Pfeiffer Photography piece, each parcel comes with a care card containing storage and preservation tips to maintain its condition and longevity, as technical advice dictates these aspects of photographic artworks.


All the photographs featured on this page, as well as on the linked -Shipping Time & Costs- page, belong to my Snap-snaps series and are available for purchase in open edition and small formats: 15x15cm (including a white border) and 13x17cm, upon request. The price per picture is fixed at 35€.

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